How it works

You order
all the good stuff

We deliver
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You give us feedback
so we know what to improve

Sir Fresh is an exciting new online grocer from the people at Sir Fruit. You know? We make the super healthy and deliciously radical fruit juice. Yes? Good stuff!

We’ve been wanting to broaden our horizons for some time, and when life got turned upside down by the lockdown we decided to gather together some of the best groceries in the land, and start delivering them directly to homes all over South Africa.

Our aim is to become South Africa’s favourite online grocery service by offering only the good stuff at really great value. And it goes without saying everything you get from us will be fresher than the Fresh Prince.

Ready to fill up your basket with healthy and delicious goods? Just click the big button to the left and shop to your hearts (or should we say tummies) desire.

We’ve started with a small range of essentials that will be updated daily with exciting new stuff. So watch this space.

If there’s anything you’d like us to add to our list of goods let us know and we’ll do our best to find it.

We’ve always been slightly obsessed with creating delicious products and delivering super-amazing service, and although we’ve won a bunch of awards, we’re far from perfect (If such a thing even exists).

So we’d love to hear your thoughts on how we’re doing and any ideas about how we can improve.

Just click on the big purple button to the left to let us know.