Gingerade 1.5L

(8 customer reviews)


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Gingerade 1.5L

(8 customer reviews)


SKU: 10GP015 Category: Tag:

8 reviews for Gingerade 1.5L

  1. Sinovuyo Mlata

    Love the sir fruit juice ❤️👌

  2. Mariam

    It’s my first time to see Sir fruit but someone told me that it’s healthy juice but I would like to know more about it and how or where can I buy the juice of my choice

  3. Sir

    Sir Fruit i am proud.

  4. C Janssens

    Good Day, I would love to try some of these juices, but can’t find them in our local stores, will you be able to courier to Piet Retief, Mpumalanga??

  5. Nosipho Msomi

    If you are looking for something healthy and fresh with no added sugar, Sir Juice is the one. I am a huge fan! The juice and shots! The mango flavor is thick,yummy and filling, gingerade hits the spots! Is there any other purest orange juice 😍
    I get my supplies from Checkers in Montana Pretoria and/ or Wonderpark Checkers.
    Lalela! You don’t want to miss this

  6. Juliana du Plessis

    I have discovered Sir Fruit juices over the holidays. So refreshing! Never used to drink fruit juice due to the sugar content.
    I love Gingerade juice with its added vitamins.
    Sir Fruit juice you are on top of my shopping list.

  7. Bianca

    I buy them buy the 6 packs.I finish a 2l eash day added water and lemon.I am so pleased with this.Thank you Sir Juice.PS.Please send me a 6 pack.

  8. Joan

    Gingerade. Has a very delightful taste I love the ginger in it. I used to always buy the strawberry. But as from now Gingerade is my favorite.

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